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Give Thanks Prosper

Churches from all around Prosper will UNITE for #GiveThanksProsper on November 18th, 6:30pm at Lighthouse Christian Fellowship (4331 E. Prosper Trail), and you’re invited.

When our world is filled with so many words and actions that divide, it is a precious thing to find something that unites. Even when we look around at the various churches around town and see many names, denominations and faith traditions, it is a glorious thing to pause and remember that we ARE still united in Christ! As pastors around Prosper came together to celebrate our common love for God, we realized there is an opportunity before us to also give thanks together. On this night we remove all differences or barriers and focus on our commonalities in Christ. We come to pray fervently and freely for our nation, our community, our families and businesses, our schools and our churches. No matter the differences, you are invited to be a part of this special gathering and prayer service.