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New Associate Pastor and Campus Pastor for The Mission Brings Energy, Passion and Experience to Prosper UMC

It is with joy that we announce that Bishop Mike McKee has appointed Rev. Melissa Hatch as the new Associate Pastor/Campus Pastor for The Mission. Melissa brings valuable experience, energetic passion and wonderful skills to our growing team. She and her family are thrilled to make this transition. They are excited to join the amazing Lead Team at The Mission as they share our growing and thriving new worship community with all in the Prosper area.

Below is a bio to share a little more about her past and present. The Staff-Parish Relations Committee, SPRC, was introduced to Melissa last night. As it may be a little while before each of you gets an opportunity to meet her in person, we thought it would be helpful to share some observations from a few team members:

“In the short amount of time I got to meet her, I believe she will bring an excitement not only to the people who worship at The Mission, but to all of Prosper UMC. I am looking forward to Melissa’s dedication and service in expanding Christ’s message in Prosper and surrounding areas.”   – Phil Reyes, SPRC Chair

“Melissa brings vitality and ingenuity to the Mission that will continue to build on the solid foundation God and his church have established in this community. Her genial disposition makes her very approachable, and her willingness to uproot her family from a loving church home demonstrates her faith and dedication to the success of our congregation and furthering of God’s kingdom.”   – Brian Laing

“I was very impressed with Melissa’s enthusiasm and confidence.  I’m looking forward to seeing what a great impact she will have at our church!”  – Glenn Ford

“Action always speaks louder than words.  Melissa’s commitment to uproot and move her family to Prosper so she can be boots on the ground in our mission field, said more to me than any words that could have come from her or the Cabinet.  I’ve already been inspired by her faith.”  – Brett Foster

“I got the sense that I get whenever I call on my best friend for advice and directionI believe Melissa will be able to relate to people just like a best friend would and will be that anchor and reminder of God’s love!”  – Donna Rickets

Now that First UMC, Plano (her current appointment) has received word about Melissa’s new appointment, they will begin the work on transitioning her duties. As this is not an immediate process and as the Hatch family will be working to move from Wylie to this area, we know that it may be a month or so before she can be with us full time.

Moving forward, SPRC and The Mission will create opportunities for everyone to get to know her and her family once she has officially arrived. For now, be in prayer for these changes, for her family and the work of The Mission. Also, join us in offering prayers of thanksgiving for such an extraordinary woman of faith to be appointed to our growing team. I look forward to watching how God will bless our church and the lives of many in this area through Melissa in the years to come!

Grace and peace,

– Pastor Jason