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Building Committee Forming

In 1902 the far-sighted and faithful members of the Smith’s Chapel Methodist Episcopal Church, South congregation voted to move their existing church to the the small town of Prosper to be near a new railroad station. The building that we now call Prosper United Methodist Church is here today because those members and later generations planned for future generations to come. We now have that opportunity to dream for the next 100 years. To build for generations that we may or may not be here to meet.

Everyone in the church is invited to dream… dream big about the future of our church and about what God will do through us for the community and the world for the sake of the Kingdom. All will have an opportunity to share those ideas and be heard, but the Administrative Council will soon be forming a Building Committee. This team will take on the major tasks of stepping us forward in our progress toward moving to the new campus. Do you have experience doing this at former churches or in your profession (construction, design, etc.)? Would you like to be considered for this team? If so, please complete the form below.

Once formed, this team will empower the church to participate through listening sessions, polls and even special tasks forces for key areas. We all need to start praying now for this team: for its formation, for its focus and clarity and for God’s thumbprint to be bigger than ours on how we step into the next 100 years of this church.