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Parking Lot Construction Update

Parking Lot Project Update

For those who are new or just were unaware, the historic rock parking lot just north of the sanctuary is getting converted into a concrete parking lot complete with bells and whistles (…or stripes and lighting). While this project is happening, we greatly appreciate your patience as we all park in the surrounding fields and streets for temporary parking solutions. While we may need to stomp our feet a little more before coming in to knock off the leaves and grass, we know this is only temporary.

Our Project Superintendent from Pogue Construction has given us an update on how things are moving along. Look out there, it may seem as though the rock has simply been stirred up into mud, but there is a lot that has already been accomplished. They were able to do the rough grading which included carving out great amounts of dirt, old trees, and ROCK. In case you did not know, we are sitting on large amounts of rock. Storm sewer and head wall have been started, but the process hit a bump…or a boulder. As of Thursday they broke the trencher and were calling in a massive saw to cut through the rock before continuing the trenching. The parking lot was, however, staked out to mark all the distinctive features. Irrigation sleeves have been installed and installation of electrical conduit underground for light poles has begun. Because of weather (and anticipated rain early this week), we have lost (will lose) a few days, but it is anticipated that concrete may began to be poured as early as the 28th. The project is definitely coming along and we hope you are as excited as we are to see these improvements.

Again, thank you for your patience and good cheer in this time of transition!

Grace and peace,

– Pastor Jason