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Thankful & Grateful

In October 2018, our church was in an unusual predicament. Both our traditional music director and modern worship leader positions suddenly came open! The Staff-Parish Relations team always wants to be smart about hiring and therefore did not want to rush into decisions. As the team began the process, the church was absolutely blessed by two wonderfully talented individuals who stepped into the interim role without hesitation. Now that the positions have been filled and with the new hires (see the Did You Know? write-up) beginning next Sunday, it is time for us to say good-bye and show our gratitude to each of these gifted men.

Philip Bentham, longtime friend of Pastor Jason’s, jumped into the role at a critical time in the church calendar. Without much time to react, he launched into practices and preparations for the Christmas season and specifically the Christmas Cantata. Thankfully he is a gifted musician, conductor and brought years of experience to this effort. The product was a beautiful morning of worship. Our choir and instrumentalists gave a special gift that day and each Sunday since. From song and anthem selection to comedy relief in skits, from rehearsals to helping move furniture, Philip stepped in where needed and was a willing part of the team. 

Philip, we know that you will do well with every endeavor. We look forward to our paths crossing again whether that be in the realm of music or with t-shirt/promotional product orders (Christian Brothers Tees! Thank you for bringing your gifts to us and letting God bless you to be a blessing in Prosper during this season!

Matt Riddels had played with The Mission many times over the previous years so it was a no question about him leading us through the interim months. He joined us for staff meetings weekly, always providing input and laughter, assisted us in setting up for the Prosper Christmas Festival and even helped serve cookies and cocoa at Rucker Elementary. He was always willing to go above and beyond the call of duty and exemplified the meaning of team player. Music was well selected, and the band enjoyed playing together, always being prepared each and every Sunday.  Matt is a talented musician and will be missed. And it is nice to know that he is still willing to come back and sub from time to time as needed.

Matt, thanks for getting us through these transitional months. We wish you continued luck with your music career!.Your character, kindness and integrity will be a blessing to all who encounter you. God bless!