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Announcing the Uniting of Campuses

As many of you are aware, in 2013, Prosper UMC took a bold and creative step to strategically expand the Kingdom of God in the Prosper community. Like the town government, the school district, and the local businesses, we recognized that growth was coming… quickly …and that expansion would be needed to reach and serve the people of our community.

With help from the North Texas Conference of the United Methodist Church, Prosper UMC strategically moved forward with efforts to expand ministries to include two campuses. Even then it was understood that this would not be easy work and that it would require patience, sacrifice, and perseverance to see lives touched for Christ.

As the years went along, this proved to be true. Despite the challenges, though, wonderful ministry connected lives to God through missional work, worship, study, and good community! Despite challenges, the church reached out and the Kingdom of God did grow!

Just as strategic choices led to bold, creative steps in 2013, a strategic decision in 2017 leads us to a new chapter in the work of expanding the love of Christ in Prosper.

In November, the Prosper UMC campuses of Church St. and The Mission will unite as one!

We are making this strategic change to move from strength to strength. Without question, we want to see the great worship, mission-minded discipleship, and community building of The Mission worshiping community to continue. Efforts are already underway to transform the Fellowship Hall to a worship hall where the powerful contemporary music, energetic preaching, and deep connections of The Mission can move into a new chapter.

By drawing together as one campus, Prosper UMC moves from strength to strength to serve the growing, diversifying community of our town. It is with excitement and great anticipation that we step into this new season together. We know there will be some areas of stretching and adjustments will need to be made along the way. But as your leaders and Staff have prayed about this and given it careful consideration, they have unanimously agreed that this future looks great and only adds to the excitement that has already been stirring and building towards Prosper UMC.

We invite you to join us in praying for this transition, for the increased energy, and Spirit-filled excitement that will continue to lead us as we serve Christ. Join us in thanking God for the opportunity to see more lives transformed by His grace!


We are aiming to complete this move in November, and are in the process of working out all the logistics. We understand there will be a lot of questions surrounding this transition. We ask for you prayers and patience as we work through all the details regarding how to make this transition as smooth as possible. We will use this web page to keep you informed, and will be sure to communicate updates to the congregation as soon as we have information to pass along.

When we announced that the Mission and Church St. campuses were uniting as one, we were most excited about the opportunities to unite our congregations through worship, study, missional work, and fellowship. We are eager to announce that we have efforts advancing on all of these fronts.

Worship – Our musicians, sound and video coordinators, leadership team members, trustees, and pastors have been assisting with room layout and equipment design which will make the Fellowship Hall an inviting home for The Mission worship community. The new features for the Fellowship Hall will be determined this week.

Study – Combining our two campuses is creating an exciting opportunity for all members to participate in the Sunday school and small group hour on Sunday mornings. The ministry leaders are hard at work determining the space, staffing, and group enhancements required to make sure these programs continue to thrive. 

Missional Work – Bringing two campuses together for missional work will produce results with a greater impact than 1+1=2. Pastor Melissa is bringing her missional talents and passion to the Unity planning process, and the church as a whole will see additional missional and service project opportunities. 

Fellowship – A team comprised of members from both campuses is currently working to implement greeting and hospitality best practices and traditions from each campus. Our goal is to ensure everyone feels welcome and is able to fully enjoy Christian fellowship on Sunday mornings. Be on the lookout for invitations to welcome activities and other Uniting events.

Finally, to ensure we are a growing, thriving, and welcoming campus, we have initiated a space optimization team. This team will ensure we have the space we need for worship, study, missional work, and fellowship for the next three years. This team has been interviewing ministry leaders to determine their space needs as PUMC grows. This team is investigating alternative ways to add to the church’s footprint as the discernment team’s work advances. We will share more information about these alternatives as we mature them. 

Thank you for your continued prayers and offers of support as we advance these efforts for God’s glory!

We have completed design and contractor selection to upgrade the Church Street Fellowship Hall to become home to The Mission contemporary worshiping community. The upgrades are adding exciting features to the Fellowship Hall which can be used by all of our church ministries. The room will have a High Definition projector and 150" screen, a Blu Ray player, surround sound and a sound system. You will also see a new digital sign which can be tailored for special events held in the room.

Be looking for upcoming invitations to uniting events including a joint campus work day to spruce up the Fellowship Hall and foyer for The Mission.

Thank you for your continued support and prayers.

We are excited to announce that The Mission Worship Community will officially call the Church Street campus home in November. 

On November 5th, we will have an all-campus mission opportunity hosted by The Mission Worship Community, and on November 12th we will have the Grand Opening of The Mission Worship Community's inaugural worship service and an all-campus celebration following the 11 o'clock services.

On November 5th, The Mission Worship Community will hold a lite service or soft opening for the existing Mission contemporary worship community members. On the 5th, we will be pilot testing our new campus-wide hospitality practices of offering donut treats, a treat of the week, and an assortment of hot teas, hot chocolate, and fair trade coffees. The worship service will have music by The Mission Band so they can test drive their new sound equipment installation. Pastor Melissa will deliver a brief message to provide a moment of reflection and grace. We will also have a great time testing our new audio visual equipment. We will have greeters at 9:30am to help direct new folks on campus to their Sunday school class, and we will have greeters at 11:00 to help church attendees find their preferred service.

Following the 11:00 services, please join The Mission Worship Community for their November Mission activity. The Mission holds a family-friendly missional opportunity on the first Sunday of every month. Please join them in the Fellowship Hall at noon to aid in this month's effort of assembling care packages for college students as they prepare for final exams.

The date we want you to mark on your calendars with a gold star is November 12th. This is the official Grand Opening of The Mission Worship Community's first official worship service in their new home. We invite everyone to join us following the 11 o'clock worship services for cake and ice cream celebration of the official uniting of our two worship communities.

To help ensure that the Fellowship Hall is in tip top shape for The Mission services, we are hosting a work day on Saturday, November 28th from 9:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. Please come if you can to help us touch up paint, install wheels on furniture, repair chairs, move items to storage, and more.

Joint Mission work on the 5th at noon and a joint fellowship celebration on the 12th at noon; the unity is becoming real. We can't wait for these events, and hope to see you at both!

Thank you for your continued prayers and support.