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Practice the Pause

Practice the Pause is a daily scripture reading and prayer written to encourage you to spend a few moments with God each day. Before you begin, we encourage you to pause, to sense how you are feeling. If you are feeling stressed, anxious, tired, or busy it may be difficult to focus, so we’ve incorporated a few prayers to help center yourself. Pick one that works for you. If the prayer does not work during your initial pause and you find it difficult to focus, that is okay, simply plan to return to the pause later in the day when you are feeling more relaxed.

If you like to write or take notes, it might be helpful to have a journal, a pen, or a word app to take notes as you begin. If you don’t have a Bible with you or if you prefer to use your phone, or a Bible app. The Bible app may be especially helpful if you are at work or away from home, and you feel the timing is right to practice the pause, this way you will have access to the scripture reading. The app we recommend is the YouVersion Bible App.

In addition, the Bible app has several different Bible translations for your use. If you ever find you are struggling to understand what it is you are reading, The Message Bible, an interpretation of Scripture by Eugene Peterson is an easy-to-read helpful resource.

We hope the prayers will allow you to focus during this time. Remember, the Spirit who inspired the Bible is the same Spirit that dwells in you. Welcome the Spirit as you rest in God’s presence.

Steps: Pause. Pray. Read. Be still. Write. Pray. Go about your day or turn in for the night.
1. Pause
2. Pray (choose one that speaks to you)
“I pause in this moment, to be still; to slow my breathe, to re-center my scattered thoughts and feelings upon your presence God.”
“Gracious God, open my eyes to see wondrous things in your word.” (Psalm 119)
“Come, Holy Spirit, fill the heart of your faithful and kindle in me the fire of your love.”
“God, if I’m going to read this scripture today, you’re going to have to help me.”
3. Read the scripture.
4. Pause. Notice if a phrase or word stood out to you in the reading.
5. Be still. What is the Spirit saying to you about this scripture. How will you use what you’ve read today?
6. Pray.
Have a wonderful day!
Pastor Kellie Sanford and your Lay Leader Gloria Ashby