Meet Our Staff

At Prosper United Methodist Church, our Leadership and Staff have a heart for ministry and fellowship which beats throughout our outreach programs, discipleship opportunities, and regular church-wide activities. The staff works through these programs to strengthen our relationship with Jesus Christ, and also with each other. We celebrate a rich church history while embracing change and growth along with our thriving community.

Jason McConnell

Senior Pastor

Kellie Sanford

Associate Pastor

Jenn Brown

Director of Family Ministries

Sharon Boswell

Director of Communications and Office Administration

Kathryn Zetterstrom

Director of Music Ministries

Kaela Vance

Director of Children\'s Choir

Jamie Herrington

Asst. Director of Family Ministries

Mia Gutierrez-Woods

Preschool Director

Eric Breon


Luis Rodriguez


Staff headshots courtesy of Jessica Mills Photography

Church Office Hours

Monday - Thursday
9:00am - 12:00pm